Situated just behind the stage in Elizabethan theatres, the ‘tiring
house’ was a structure in which actors changed their costumes
(or ‘attire’) before making their entrances onstage. A tiring house
might be said to symbolize a space that enables costume elements
to come together to create a final, exquisite production. The Tiring
House was founded with the intent of creating just such a space
for today’s costume industry.

The founders recognised two gaps in the UK costume industry: the
need for a consolidated resource for clients looking to hire costume
artisans, and the need for better representation for those artisans.
The Tiring House is their solution to this two-fold problem,
and with it, they aim to change the industry for the better.
client The Tiring House
typeface Brandon Grotesque
elements Design of logo, business cards, letterhead, invoice