ISTD student assessment 2017
‘The Dead Wood Archive’

Celebrating the book The Art of Fact – A Historical Antholog of Literary
by Kevin Kerrane and Ben Pagoda. The book is a collection of
creative non-fiction stories. This artpiece was designed to bring alive
the distinctly contrastin aspect of the stories within the book, by using
colourful perspex plates and expressive typefaces. Each plate displays
an excerpt from an individual story and offers the owner the opportunity
to determine their own journey through the book.

This artpiece was commissioned by the International Typography Society
of Designers (ISTD) and gained my membership to the ISTD.

format of plates 141 x 210mm
material 3mm perspex in various colours
typeface The text on the plates are set in various typefaces to enhance the individuality of each story, with the basic guideline being to choose typefaces 
from the year the story was published or from within the same era.
screen printing London College of Communication

box materials Bright red-orange bookcloth, Tiziano 160gsm, greybeard,
cellular rubber mat